Weigh In – Sweat Enhancing Cream

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Weigh In is a Sweat Enhancing cream used by jockeys to gain their perfect weight. This cream is all natural, and encourages your body to sweat more, targeting stubborn areas, which in turn promotes weight loss. Used long term, centimeter loss can be achieved.

How to use

  1. Do not apply Weigh in over creams and lotions, doing so will prevent Weigh In from working.
  2. Before you work out , sweat or do any physical activity…
  3. Apply a small amount of weigh in to your desired areas. Avoiding sensitive areas
  4. Do your desired activity
  5. SWEAT ….
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Weigh In for a healthier you!!!

  • Sweating is one of the most beneficial and only ways of detoxing heavy metals from your body.
  • A chemical in plastic, BPA, is more effectively remedied through sweating.
  • Our sweat has an antibiotic agent in it. Heavy sweating promotes a healthier, acne fee skin. By sweating, you open the skin pores, cleansing the skin.
  • The more you sweat, the more toxins your body releases, thus taking pressure off your kidneys.
  • Sweat contains antimicrobial peptides effective against viruses and bacteria.
  • Sweating increases your metabolism.
  • Detoxing happens mainly through sweat, so the strain on your kidneys is lessened and your body can run at optimal levels, making you feel better all round.
  • If used conservatively, 1 Tub of Weigh In will last it will last up to 3 months. Meaning you spend under R150/month on Weight loss without ingesting pills or toxins that are simply too full of ingredients we know little about.