Why Weigh In?

Weigh In knows what you have been going through. The early starts to the gym, the hard diets, the pressure of knowing you have to weigh in for that competition and you still have 3kgs and 2 hours to go.

Weigh In understands your body, and it is imperative that while dieting and competing you don’t want to add more stress to your body by ingesting tablets and powders you don’t really know anything about. It is our passion here at Weigh In to keep your body functioning at its best while getting results to get the job done.

What concerns us when ingesting tablets, what is the affects on your kidneys? What strain are you placing them under to get your desired results? The beauty of Weigh In is that it works fast, It is 100% Vegan, 100% non-invasive and 100% natural. AND it assists your kidneys with detox, while helping you shed your water weight and tighten your skin. Read more about the Benefits of Weigh In below.

After a thin layer is applied to areas on your body that you want to target, Weigh In will create a warming, breathable barrier on your skin, increasing circulation and core body temperature rapidly making you sweat and burn calories more effectively.

Weigh In is especially helpful with cellulite. Cellulite is fat cells, water and toxins trapped in the layers of connective tissue on the top of your skin. Women tend to have less and weaker connective tissue caused by the body producing less oestrogen as women get older, pushing fat cells to the surface of your skin making a lumpy appearance. Oestrogen also helps blood flow smoothly in the body, so having low levels of oestrogen will effect your body being able to get rid of toxins, water and fat efficiently.

Weigh In promotes blood flow and excess sweating / water loss to your desired areas, your problematic areas. Creating a more tailored work out.

Weigh In is also very beneficial to athletes, sports men and professional competitors – men and women needing to make a certain weight or condition their bodies to look a certain way.

Weigh In is extremely fast working, your results are almost instant, resulting in less time feeling dehydrated and hungry. More time to focus on your competition ahead, more time to focus on your opponent’s waiting for you; more time to focus on yourself. Let Weigh In focus on your water weight.

Weigh In encourages blood to go to the areas that it was applied to. Blood carries vital nutrients and oxygen to areas in your body. This is imperative to help heal injuries. By applying Weigh In to injured areas on your body, you are encouraging a quicker recovery time. Even if you’re not working out while injured, weigh in will encourage recovery time by targeting the circulation of blood on the specific point where your injury is.


Weigh In trims down that fat and has helped me look my best! I haven't felt this good about my body in a long time. I use it every time when i train or if i cant fit in a workout session then I just apply and steam. It works everytime!!!
Ayanda Ncobbo
Lodge Manager Hluhluwe
Want to win that Competition? We know as a body builder you work extremily hard to get rid of body fat, developer size and symmetry when preparing for a competition. Let Weigh In help you get that dry physique before you step into the podium.
John Deutchman
Body Builder
Riding Light...? You Need Weigh In. Weigh In is a great product! Its effects are instant. Increasing your bodies core temperaturre and metabolic rate. Rapidly enhancing water cutting and weight loss. There is no excuse not to take the lighter rides with Weigh In.
Angela Durant

Weigh In for long term Weight Loss:

If you are using Weigh In for long term weight loss, don’t be despondent in thinking you are only losing water weight. Weigh In is a great motivator, you will see the centimeters drop and for those weighing in for competitions, to see the proof on the scale instantly after each work out; encouraging you to persevere through the work outs.

By applying Weigh In before each work out, you accelerate your warm up time making your work outs more intense and longer. For the treatment of cellulite, Weigh In is a great long-term solution. By applying Weigh In on to your problematic areas, you help the body get rid of the water and toxins trapped between fat on the upper part of your skin. That combination of fat, water and toxins is what gives your skin that dimpled appearance.